Any pets that go over 22010* will be deleted.

ID composing is now working in the server, please use this method of getting your pet to 22000.99, If you can not see your Star mark, Put your pet in the warehouse and check the star that way, It will give you a clear view of the pets star mark.

1a. No Swearing/Cussing in broadcast. Anyone found cussing in BC will first be warned, If you continue you will be muted!

1b. English only in BC , anyone found speaking different languages in broad cast will be warned, if you continue you will be muted!

1c. Arguing/Fighting in BC IS allowed, As long as no swearing/Offensive name calling is taking place!

2. Do NOT Give out your Skype, hotmail, or another sort of personal information, DDOS attacks are known, by taking your IP adress from your skype accounts User ID, Anyone who adds a random person in game, and as a result gets DDOS Attacked, There is not much we can do to help. It is up to your ISP, NOT us !

3. Any kind of harassment is not tolerated here, this also means Sexual harassment, depending on what sort of harassment you do, you will be punished as PM/GM Sees fit !

4. No paypal disputes are to be made, Anyone who makes a paypal dispute will be banned + IP Banned from server.

5. Do NOT Pk any staff member And/Or Pk/Disturb a event/quest the PM/GM may be performing. This is a bannable offence.

6. No third party programs are to be used while playing DoD. This means Macros/mouse recorder scripts, Auto farms, Scalers, or anything else that enhances your ability to take advantage of the server. Punishment is instant ban without warning.

7. Any player found advertising our server on any other server, or advertising for another server on our server will be PERMANENTLY banned from this server. This is your ONLY warning.

8. No abusing of the voting NPC’s. You are allowed to vote with only 2 characters at a time. We do random login IP checks, and if you are found to be using more than 2 characters from one login IP for voting, you will be warned. If, after the warning, the voting continues in the same manner, all actively voting characters will be botjailed for 24 hours.

9. Players are NOT to accuse some one of cheating. If you suspect anyone of cheating report it to a PM/GM/GH.

10. If you play from a net cafe, you are risking your accounts/characters. Net Cafes are usually flagged with having key logging software on them. So these cafes have a chance of stealing your info. If you are found to be using a net cafe, you play at your own risk. We will not help you retrieve your info.

11. Do not beg staff or players for items, eps or pets. If you want something, please go and get it yourself.

12. You as the player are prohibited to use any offensive name in your character and/or pet. If found and asked to change the name, you are required to do so. If you fail to do as asked, we will remove the pet from your character.

13. Staff are here to help players within the game and deserve to be treated with respect.

14. Players are prohibited to insult a person based on: religion, race, gender, physical appearance, sexual orientation or Donation status.

15. There is to be NO selling of ingame items for items on other servers or for real money, this includes the official servers, NO selling/trading or giving away DOD accounts or any other servers accounts on DOD or any other outside source.ALL accounts found to be doing this will be banned!

16. Do not whisper staff in game unless we ask you to. Anyone needing help should broadcast asking for a staff member, and we will whisper you as soon as we possibly can.

17. No abusing the voting NPCs. This means that you are allowed to have a max of 2 characters online voting at the same time, any more than that and you will be warned, and if not stopped, all characters involved will be botjailed.

18. We will not delete characters or accounts under request from anyone, not even the account owner. If you choose to no longer play, and want the account deleted, you will have to login and delete it yourself. We will not be held responsible for an account that no longer exists if you decide to come back later.

Everybody is expected to abide by these rules. We do not discriminate. Just because you may have donated to our server does NOT mean you get to do as you please here. These rules are here for everyone …staff, players, donators and non donators alike. By creating an account and logging into the server, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to these rules. If you are on the server, it will be assumed you have read these rules and will be subject to punishment for breaking them.